Why Wax bath:


I can really feel the difference right after application. Pedaling feels so much more smooth. 

Amazon Review: Talon O.

 It kept my bike chian clean for 250ish miles with light wiping after every other ride. And best of all, my chain felt more smooth than it's ever been.

Amazon Review: Ernest L

360+ miles on my road bike, which involves a lot of climbing miles. Pedaling feel smooths and its sooo quiet.... No way I'm going back to the old Finished Line lube. 

Amazon Review: HHSS

"Works great, chains are silent, clean and incredibly smooth."

FB Review: James L.

Smooth as silk!! Shifting is much more quiet now as well!

Amazon Review: Sara D.

Great stuff pretty easy to do and it works great

Amazon Review: Neil S.

This is my first time waxing my chain. I love what a great job it does but didn't like the fact that it flaked off on my bike.

Amazon Review: April B.