FAQ: How to Prepare, Apply and Re-wax your bike chain with Speedmaster Wax

Speedmaster Wax Tin Can Version FAQ: 


Always proceed with caution, as melted wax can be extremely HOT.

1st Time Preparation:

Strip any grease and oil off the chain before waxing. To clean your chain, we recommend using ultrasonic cleaner, degreaser or mineral spirit. This also applies to brand new factory chains. We recommend you to clean your chain ring, rear cogs, cassette and pulley wheels as well.

How to wax your chain:

Step 1: Place a dry and clean chain (free of oil and dirt) into the wax can. 

Step 2: Add approx 1 inches tall of water to the pot (DO NOT let water overflow into the wax can) and place the wax can into the pot.  Bring water to boil. This method is also known as the double boiler method. 

Step 3: About 10+ minutes into the procedure, the wax should be melted.  Turn the heat down to simmer and let the chain submerge for another 10 minutes. 

Step 4: Turn off all heat and let it cool for a while (10-15+ minutes).  Reason: If you take the chain out while the wax is extremely hot, the wax will run off the chain's roller and leave very little wax behind.  Lastly, carefully take out the chain from the wax can.  Wipe off any excess.  Once installed, it may require a few revolutions for break-in.

*When installing Shimano Chain, make sure the side with the "Shimano" Logo shown in the illustration is facing the outer side.


How to re-wax your old waxed chain:

Method 1, Re-wax:  The easiest way to re-wax your chain is to repeat the wax procedure.  A few quick wipes with any solvent or degreaser will take most of the dirt and grimes from the waxed chain.  Repeat the wax procedures, the rest of the dirt and grimes will be extracted out from the chain and sink to the bottom of the wax can.  When the wax becomes too contaminated for reuse, discard the wax.  With normal condition, the wax is good for approx. 10+ applications.

Method 2, Re-clean and Re-wax:  You can go an extra step by cleaning your old waxed chain before the re-wax.  This way, the wax will have less contamination which leads to increased applications.  First, boil the waxed chain with HOT water.  Make sure to agitate the chain to loosen up the dirt.  You can go the extra step with deep cleaning via ultrasonic cleaner, degreaser or mineral spirit.  Lastly, process the wax bath.

Most of the dirt and grime along with all the old wax will be separated from the chain during the boiling process with little agitation.


How to maintenance waxed chain with Speedmaster Wax Liquid Wax:

While the wax chain is on the bike, simply apply Speedmaster Wax Liquid Wax over it.  Use a disposable towel to catch any excess.  Give a chain a quick wipe, this will remove most of the old dirt and grim.


1.) What are the benefits using Speedmaster Wax for bike chain lube versus traditional oil based lube?

Since all oil based lube attracts dirt and grimes, it forms a built-up on your drive train.  It creates friction which it requires more power to pedal through.  Wax, on the other hand, does not attract dirt.  It is also the most friction-less agent for the drive train.  However, not all wax lube is created equal.  Our special formulated Speedmaster Wax allows the wax to stay on the chain longer but soft enough not to break apart and flake off in chunks.  We also added a high amount of PTFE powder ratio in our mix, to ensure ultra smooth operation.  For the first time, you will notice you can pedal through the drive train effortlessly.  A more direct power transfer towards your pedal stroke resulting in wattage saving.

2.) I'm starting to hear other noises after I apply the wax.  Is this normal?

Since the waxed chain is very smooth and quiet, any other noises will become amplified.  From our testing and experiences, most noises come from either the pedals or the bottom bracket. 

3.) My rear cogs index is off after the application.

A newly waxed chain will become stiff.  A few revolutions will break in the waxed chain and it will solve the index issue.

4.) When should I re-wax my chain?

Since everyone's riding condition is different, the best method is to listen to your chain while you ride.  As soon as you hear your chain squeaks, repeat the wax process.  As you become familiar with your riding terrain / condition, you will soon know what's the approx. mileages before it needed for the next re-wax.  A good rule of thumb is 400+ miles on a dry flat road.  The mileage claims will be lessened if there are elevation, dusty road or even rain.  Off road would be approx. 100-200+ miles. 

5.) My waxed chain mileage claim is very low, why?

There are 2 possibilities for short mileage.  First, the chains were not cleaned thoroughly.  As a result, wax did not form a proper adhesive to the metal thus a short mileage.  Second, during the last step of the wax bath, the chain was taken out when the wax was extremely HOT.  Since hot wax has a much lower viscosity (too watery), that leaves very little wax inside the chain's roller when its taken out from the wax bath.  To remedy this problem, turn off all heat sources during the last stage of the wax bath.  Leave the chain inside the wax can until it's cool but not yet solidified.  Then, take out the chain and lay it flat until the chain is safe for installation.

6.) Can Speedmaster wax be used in a slow cooker method?

Yes, you can.  However, as the name implies, a slow cooker is a very slow process.  We estimate it will take about 25+ minutes to melt the wax.  Double boiler is one of the safest and quickest ways to melt the wax.  Just pour in about 1 inches tall of water and start boiling.  A metal tin-can optimize heat transfer during this procedure, as the temperature can reach upwards of 200+ degrees within less than 10 minutes.  

7.) Can I go back to the traditional oil based lube once my chain is waxed?

Of course you can.  Boiling water will quickly get the old wax off your chain (see Method 2: Re-Clean and Re Wax section.)  However, if you wish to wax bath again, you must repeat the cleaning and the preparation procedure from the start.

8.) I got some wax residue stuck on some of the components, what is the easiest way to remove it?

Using a hair dryer on a high heat setting and a simple wipe can remove any unwanted wax.

9.) What happens if I accidentally put water into the wax can during the waxing procedure?

Let the wax continue to boil, water will evaporate during this process.

10.) After a few applications, I notice all the dirt and grim have sunk to the bottom of the can.  How can I clean them out of the wax?

Using minimal heat can separate solidified wax away from the tin can.  We recommend using a hair dryer.  Simply heat the bottom of the tin to create this separation.  Second, pour the solidified wax out and use any flat tool, i.e. putty knives and scrapers to shave away all the contaminated wax. 

11.) What other tips or suggestions when using the Speedmaster Wax Can?

We suggest our user to apply a slight agitation when wax bathing the chain.  This will ensure the PTFE powder will be in suspension during the waxing procedure.  Word of advice, this step is completely optional and please do this cautiously. 



Speedmaster Wax Liquid Wax PTFE FAQ: 

1.) Is this Speedmaster Wax Liquid Wax Compatible with other wax based lubricant?

Yes, it is compatible.  Apply liberally, especially for 1st time application.  You can even apply several coatings to ensure your chain is properly waxed.  Wipe away any excess.

2.) How to clean / maintain / reapply?

Shake well and apply liberally.  Use disposable towels to wipe away any excess, at the same time, this will also wipe away any dirt and grim collected from all previous rides.    

3.) When should I re-apply the Liquid Wax?

When you hear the chain squeaks, then it is time to reapply. 

4.) How to remove any wax on an undesired area?

Any degreaser or solvent type chemical should do the job.  A hair dryer on a low heat setting can also remove any unwanted wax.

5.) How come my waxed chain never lasts and needs to reapply frequently?

The most likely culprit is the chain was not completely free of oil when applying the wax.  Oil will prevent wax from sticking onto the metal, as a result, more frequent treatment.  Oil from previous applications can still reside on components such as jockey wheels, cassette and front chain rings.  Make sure those components are free of oil before any wax application for best results.

7.) What's the best way to strip away any oil from the chain?

We found one of the best ways is to soak the chain in gasoline then follow by degreaser repeatedly until the solution is clear.  Alternatively, a heated ultrasonic unit with some degreaser also works great. 

8.) What to do when the Liquid Wax becomes solidified?

Under low ambient temperature, the Liquid Wax can become solidified.  This is completely normal.  To remedy this situation, simply use warm / hot water to rinse over the bottle. 



Special Thanks to the SoCal Riding Group , especially: Clement, Henry, Norris, Patrick, Tali and Mark for testing the Speedmaster Wax throughout various conditions.