Liquid Wax with PTFE : Bike Dry Chain Lube 8FL oz - Speedmaster Wax
Liquid Wax with PTFE : Bike Dry Chain Lube 8FL oz - Speedmaster Wax

Liquid Wax with PTFE : Bike Dry Chain Lube 8FL oz - Speedmaster Wax

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Liquid Wax with PTFE - From the same Special formula as the Speedmaster Wax with ease of application.  Shake well and apply, it's that simple.  No dirt or grime accumulation, no chain's grease tattoo, no maintenance required while keeping your chain clean and dry.  Suitable for both wet and dry conditions.  Complement extremely well as a maintenance lube for any waxed chain or use it as a standalone dry lube.  For best results, DO NOT mix with oil based lube.  Each bottle contains 8 Fluid oz or est. 240 mL. 

  • Unlike many other products in the market which are water soluble wax, Speedmaster Liquid Wax formula contains 100% paraffin wax.  It is the very same formula as the Speedmaster Wax except in liquid form. 
  • Simple and easy application with quick drying time.  No need to take off the chain, just simply shake well and apply.
  • Special formula that cleans any dirt and grime during the lubrication process.
  • No maintenance needed in between rides unless the chain starts to squeak.
  • A dry wax lube that does not accumulate dirt and grim.  As a result, super clean, slippery smooth and ultra quiet operational after treatment.  A more direct power transfer through your pedal stroke results in wattage saving.  All these benefits while keeping your drive train clean and free of excessive dirt built up with no maintenance needed.  No more grease tattoos from chains!
  • Made in California, USA.

How to liquid wax your chain:

Fast & Easy Method

Step 1: It is essential to make sure your chain is oil free in order for the wax to bind to the metal.  Clean and remove all dirt and oil before 1st application.  If it is a new chain, make sure you strip off all factory lubricant.  

Step 2: Shake well and apply liberally.  Only apply it on a ventilated area, preferably outdoors.  If wax solidified, rinse bottle with warm water until wax liquefied. 

Step 3: Wipe off any excess. 

Tips 1: There might be some slight wax build-up around the jockey wheels after each application, remove the excess.  

Tips 2: This formula contains slow evaporation rate to ensure the solution goes into the roller.  Please allow one full day to dry.  

How to re-apply liquid wax to your waxed chain:
Shake well and apply liberally.  Use disposable towels to wipe away any excess, at the same time, this will also wipe away any dirt and grim collected from all previous rides.    



NOTE & TIPS: We tried to pack as much as wax content into this formula.  As a result, the wax might solidified under low ambient temperature.  If this occurs, simply rinse bottle with warm water until the wax liquefied.  

CAUTION:  Only apply in a ventilated area.  This bottle contains chemical that is extremely flammable.  Harmful or fatal if swallowed.  Keep out of reach of children.  Store it in cool and dry place.  Always wear protective eyewear and glove when in use.